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Don't take our word for it.

Don’t take our word for it. We create raving fans one customer at a time by providing reliable & exceptional service, quality products and certified & trained experts. If you don’t believe us, here’s what some of our fans say (gotta love them!)…

Review posted on Apr 1, 2017 

After striking a pothole, I needed an aluminum wheel repaired, and it was time for new tires on my Crown Victoria. The car also needed an alignment, which was also likely aggravated by the pothole. Nick ordered exactly the tires I wanted (with his help and recommendation) and coordinated the rest of the repairs, all of which was done quickly and at a reasonable cost. The car now rides and handles much better than before, and I appreciate Nick's professionalism and the competence of the techs doing the work. At the same time I needed a balance and rotation and a tire repair on another one of our cars, and John had that handled quickly and efficiently. My wife and I have had all of our cars tire and wheel issues handled here, and we have always left pleased.

Mark (Southside)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Mar 21, 2017

Brett and Craig treated me much better than any other mechanics shop. First of all, they listened. I mean really listened. Secondly, they were respectful, courteous, and accommodating. Third and most important, they told me the truth. They did not fix something that didn't need fixing. On the contrary, they check and admitted they weren't finding the problem. In the end, the fix was simple. I will go back knowing I can trust them and for me that means everything.

Teresa Hultz (Carmel)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Apr 11, 2017

Always friendly, thorough service. Quite busy most hours, so plan ahead.

Jeff Schwartz (West 86th)
4 Star Rating

Review posted on Apr 10, 2017

Great service every time. Been coming for years for oil changes, tires, and other repairs. They do good work, make it right if there's ever an issue, explain all charges clearly, and typically are quick to get stuff done. Thank you!

Chris Williams (Southside)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Apr 8, 2017

We have been using This location of Best-One of Indy for over 5 years for everything including brakes, A/C, alternator, suspension, and other general auto repairs. They've had great service, fair prices and reasonable schedule. Typically we schedule a couple days ahead, drop off the night before and 90% of repairs have been done the same day. We've also used them for break downs and emergency repairs and they've been able to get us in and out in good timing. Really great place, honest hard working people, and truly embodies a local company, hiring local people that we love to support. Thank you Best-One of Indy.

Brad Vawter (Castleton)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Feb 28, 2017

My sister recommended them, they're good people, very knowledgeable and friendly. Go here!! :)

Micala C. (West 86th Street store)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Feb 27, 2017

Good price,great service

Karl T. (Southside store)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Feb 23, 2017

Best-One of Indy has some of the absolute best service and quality of work. Larry DeSalvo is an excellent manager. I know absolutely nothing about tires. After a rough winter and too many close calls with the icy roads, I knew I needed to do something. I went to Best-One of Indy and did not know what exactly I needed. Larry and his team were patient with me and worked extremely well with my budget. Absolutely great and FAST service! I love Best-One of Indy so much that I took my husband and daughter's car there too for winter tires. It is beyond reliving to know my whole family is safe. We are now loyal customers here and I recommended this place for anyone. Thank you, Best-One of Indy!!!

5 Star Rating

Review posted on Jan 29, 2017

Really know what they're doing for a fair price to!

Rogue Entertainment (Post Road)
4 Star Rating

Review posted on Jan 25, 2017

They take great care of our company account! Quality service

Herman B. (West 86th store)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Jan 23, 2017

Never go anywhere else.

Philip V. (West 86th store)
5 Star Rating

Review posted on Jan 15, 2017

Honest & trustworthy. Came in on a whim one day when I was fed up with national chain/franchise shops. Chad gained my trust quickly with his honest opinion and recommendations. These guys do business right.

Matt H. (Glendale store)
5 Star Rating

Trustworthy employees and fair prices.

Scott S. (Carmel)
5 Star Rating
Review posted on Jan 15, 2017

Great deal on tires (at Avon location). Beat others in area. Made appointment, but day of, tires I wanted were not there. Took time to get them from Greenwood. I have regularly used this facility for oil changes, alignments and tire rotations. They have helped me out when I was in a bad situation with my tire

Richard V. (Avon)
5 Star Rating
Review posted on Jan 13, 2017

I was sick of the long the wait times at car dealerships to get an oil change, and I had given up on places like Jiffy Lube years ago, so on the advice from a friend I tried Best-One of Indy (Southside location) and I have been going there ever since. Great customer service, great prices, always in and out quickly. They have often recommend service/repair be done on one of my cars, but never insinuate that the work be done immediately. If you are in need of routine maintenance on your car (or minor repairs) I highly recommend Best-One of Indy.

Jeff M.
5 Star Rating
Review posted on Jan 11, 2017

I had a great experience at Best-One of Indy. I was in Indy last week with a van load of kids and had a flat rear tire. I could not get other shops in the area to get me in quickly and Jim Reid and his staff did and were outstanding! If I lived in the area I would go there routinely! Thanks Jim and staff!

Jay D. (Castleton)
5 Star Rating
Review posted on Jan 3, 2017

Nice place to get tires fixed very friendly

Billy W. (Post Road)
4 Star Rating
Review posted on Jan 2, 2017

Larry (at Kokomo store) he was very helpful and fixed my car and did what he could when something broke on it he went above and beyond his way to help me.

Mary W., Kokomo IN

Ken (at Post Road) is excellent, very helpful and informative. He helped a damsel in distress.

Barbara J., Indianapolis IN

Been meaning to tell you that Scott the owner was very impressed with Phil and your work (Post Road location). Thank you. Your new customer for life.

Stacy C., Indianapolis IN

I found out about 4 o'clock today that I had a nail in my tire when I went to get air in my tire at Jiffy Lube. I ran my car down the road to Best-One of Indy in Broad Ripple (Glendale store), and they were very busy and I was told it would be about an hour and a half wait. However, Chad, the manager, was SO kind and squeezed me in because he knew I would not be able to get my car in tomorrow. I was out of there with a patched tire in less than an hour. He's got a great staff there! Just wanted to pass that along.

Hannah D., Indianapolis IN

We were on a road trip through Indianapolis and got a flat tire from a nasty pothole. Our car had no spare tired so we had it towed to Best-One of Indy (Post Road) in the middle of the night (no call in advance) and placed the keys in the dropbox. We called them the following morning to schedule the work they already had the tire in and were getting ready to install. Price was quite reasonable also!

Nicholas M. , Sep 13, 2016

5 stars on Google+ (Best-One of Indy Castleton) Review posted on Dec 29, 2016 Great experience friendly helpful employees very nice very honest

Kevin K.

5 stars on Google+ (Best-One of Indy Glendale) Review posted on Dec 30, 2016 Every time I've been in here these guys (George especially) have tried to save me money. This last time I even have them the opening that I was willing to pay more for a repair if it meant higher mileage. They said it wouldn't matter. These guys are pros!

Justin C.

4 stars on Google+ (Southside) Review posted on Dec 24, 2016 I honestly liked this place because it was clean, and they finished my car when they said they would. Most of all I liked that my Stepfather paid for it and I didn't have to worry about the cost.

Kelly S.

It's my first time using Best-One of Indy on West 86th St, and I will be a repeat and regular customer henceforth. These guys are solid, extremely honest, and their service is second to none. I ordered new tires from them courtesy of their competitive prices--they go above and beyond for the customer. I highly recommend them. Also enjoyed my conversation at the front desk!

John C., Indianapolis, IN

The customer service is really fantastic. I had my tires rotated and balanced here. When I left I had a slight pull to the left. I brought it back in and they took a look and switched the front tires however I still had a pull. I was disappointed and started to think negatively. Nick talked to me and was adamant on finding the problem. He brought me back in and thoroughly went over my tires and checked my alignment. He would not stop until I was completely satisfied. I am completely satisfied. I still have a slight drift (not a pull) due to me waiting 15k miles for a rotation. I have learned that with the performance setup on my vehicle, I need to rotate every 4K miles; which they will be happy to do for me. Thank you nick and the crew at Best-One of Indy. I'll see you in 4K miles.

Rob W., Indianapolis IN
We were having a problem with the rear brakes of a Honda Civic on a Saturday. We called the Glendale store at two and they closed at two, first they said they wouldn't be able to do anything till Monday but all I had to d was say that we hoped to get it done today and they said they could squeeze us in if we hurried over. They even stayed open a little later so they could make sure everything was finished and in tip top shape. Thank you very much!

Todd M., Indianapolis IN
We have a very small fleet of company cars and don't amount to much of your business but I'd like to acknowledge Ken and his crew on the East side for always helping us with our last minute needs and quick turn around of our vehicles. Thank you.

John W., Indianapolis IN
Took in my wife's car due to the fact that she recently had a near accident, which involved avoiding an oncoming car and nailing the curb. Jim Reid and his crew (at the Castleton store) took a look at it. Told us the cost of repair and was very informative and to the point. Answered all of our questions and was very friendly and quick with the answers. Pricing was extremely fair once we were given the estimate for the work needed. Honestly thought the price would be higher and would have been okay if had been due to the quality of service. In short excellent service, great pricing, and a job well done. The car is running better than ever! Definitely will be back for future work and will recommend friends and family to come to Best-One of Indy!!!

Austin B., Indianapolis IN
Oct 1, 2016
I have had to patch all of my tires in the past year and it's always such a pain, this was the easiest, most painless, I might even say delightful experience I have had yet! Wonderful staff and quick service (at Best-One of Indy-Carmel), I was so pleased! I won't even care the next time I need a patch because I will know exactly where to go!

Andrea H., Carmel IN
Sep 22, 2016
Had an issue with an alignment that they did for me a few weeks ago and the alignment slipped and Larry (Kokomo store) to great care of the issue and got it fixed for me. Best customer service I've had from a tire shop hands down.

Anthony H., Kokomo IN
July 2, 2016
I was down at DePauw this past weekend and while driving in Steven’s (my son) car I noticed some not so good sounds (like the brakes were in bad shape). I told Steven he needed to get it looked at as soon as possible. He was able to get it into Best-One of Indy on 62nd Street yesterday.

As it turned out it needed quite a bit of work. I spoke to Ed yesterday morning who explained everything to me. One of the things that impressed me is that he indicated some work that could wait so I would not be faced with a big bill at one time. I went ahead and authorized all the work to get done but I really appreciated the fact that he gave me options.

Since the work would take the whole day to complete Steven was ready to take an Uber into work. Ed offered to get him a ride. Steven, not wanting to inconvenience your folks, went ahead and took an Uber anyway but I thought it was very nice of them to offer.

Most people will fill out a survey or send a letter when they have a complaint; I believe in recognizing great service too. It’s great to see there are companies out there that still understand what customer service means.

Please pass along my thanks to Ed and the rest of the folks at the 62nd Street location.

Have a great day!

Bill K., Indianapolis IN
Brett Bobrow and the boys offer great customer service and I would highly recommend them for car care.
Dawn W., Carmel IN

Great employees and great service! I just returned from the Carmel location to have a leak in my tire fixed. I purchased these tires from this location have had them balanced, rotated, and aligned here. I have always been met with a friendly greeting by the manager and great customer service.

The leak was caused by corrosion around the edge of my wheel caused by the salt on Indiana roads in the winter. They cleaned it up and aired up my tire...all for not cost. The manager definitely knows how to treat customers and win business for the long term. I plan to start bringing my vehicle here for all future maintenance.
Jason E., Carmel, IN
I want to make sure you know how pleased I am with Brad Child and how well he has always taken care of me.

I am pleased with Brad’s effort to make sure I get what I ask for and the way he takes care of my property while it is here (leaving it inside, checking for other things that might be wrong, etc.).

Chip R., Indianapolis IN
Just wanted you to know that your (Best-One of Indy & Auto Service - Carmel) AC work on our black 2004 CRV has proved to be outstanding so far! I’m sure a competitor's $4400 dollar job would not work any better. We have even considered using the cargo area as a backup meat locker.
Thanks for the great service,
Rod S., Carmel IN
Thank you!!!! Just over an hour in and out. Perfect service! I'll switch to there for oil changes and all....and of course refer everyone! Appreciate it! Thank you Best-One of Indy and Auto Service. Four new tires, speedy and professional service by Avon manager Chris and team. Back on the road!

Melissa M., Indianapolis IN
Drew is an exceptional employee. Not only is he very knowledgeable he is also very polite. You don't find that type of employee in today's society.
Billy did my oil change. He seems to be very good at what he does. He is also very professional.
I feel this honesty and professionalism will bring me back.

Linda F.
Avon, IN
It always starts the same way...at the worst possible time, you have a flat tire. It was 5:15pm on a Tuesday, and I only have a donut spare. I wanted my tire fixed that evening. So, logically, I put on the spare, open the Yelp app, find a place near my house that specializes in tires, and give them a call. They agreed they would get it repaired before closing (6pm) if I hurried in.
I arrived at 5:40pm. My car was on the lift by 5:50. And by 5:55, I was given the truth about my tires as opposed to the lies the dealership has been feeding me. I was then led out to the lift so I could see the wear on my tires myself alongside the tires they had that almost matched my 1 new tire that I recently replaced.
I really wanted 3 identically matching tires to my new tire, and they informed me it was possible to quote/get it, but I would have to wait until the next day when a different supplier was open. The shop is only about 2 miles from my house and we have a spare car, so I asked if they offered a shuttle. They don't...but one of the shop employees offered to give me a ride home because it was so close.
Needless to say, I picked up my car the next day with 3 new tires at a good price and experienced great service. I was given some details about my car that I've never been given, and clearly see why this place is so well reviewed. If you need ANY tire service, I highly recommend you make a stop here.

Steve W.
Indianapolis, IN

I wanted to take a minute out to recognize some high performers that work at your Greenwood location, located at 7561 East Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46142.

I came in with an off the wall request back in October. I was wanting to get some tires I had bought, mounted on to some golf cart wheels to complete a custom wagon I had built for my daughter. I was very anxious to have this wagon ready for Halloween and the wheels and tires were the last thing I needed. I dropped off what I had purchased and received a call from your manager of that location, Nick Howe. He let me know the tires were mounted but due to the wheels being extremely soft aluminum, two of them had been bent during installation. He informed me that they would make it right and would do their best to get the wagon completed for me by Halloween. Nick called me about a week later letting me know the replacement wheels were in and asked for me to bring the set back up to be replaced. My job keeps me very busy and I was not able to get back in before Halloween but the tires were holding air, so we went with it for the moment.

I had a few days off to spend with my daughter at home last week and was finally able to come in and let the guys give it a second shot. Everyone, especially Nick, has been and was very pleasant to deal with when I came in last week. Nick recognized me when I walked in, even though I had not been in for almost two months. That takes a special talent and attention to detail to recognize a random customer after such an amount of time. I had my 18 month old daughter with me and my hands were obviously pretty full when I came in. Nick and the co-worker that was there that day were very helpful with assisting me in juggling tires, wheels and a child. That was extremely above and beyond. I left the wheels overnight to give plenty of time to work with them a second time and I came back in the next day. Nick was unfortunately not in when I came by but the co-worker that was there the previous day was there. I once again had my daughter with me and once again had my hands quite full. This gentleman made two trips out to my car with me to load everything in to send me on my way. I wish I would have recognized his name, all I can remember is that he was a taller gentleman. Your employees showing this extra care to a customer and going above and beyond to offer a pleasant experience like this is really refreshing. Their actions were very natural and sincere and they have a natural talent and skill for their positions within your company and should be treated as true assets.

I wanted to really drive home my pleasure in dealing with Nick and others at this location because it is truly refreshing when we are surrounded by a world of careless employees and the endless disappointment in the quality of service we receive when we are literally trying to give our money away sometimes. I previously owned a business that would consult companies on how to become successful and I have a degree in Business Management, I only make this note to raise the point that I am a person who picks a business to death at every opportunity and this time I was so blown away that I felt it justified a lengthy email to relay my satisfaction with your employees.

Great work! This is how you EARN business and you have definitely earned mine. I don't even care to price compare with an experience like this. Please share my satisfaction with your employees and any other management personnel.

Thank you,
~Bryan G., Indianapolis IN

Glendale is a good shop. Competitive pricing, nice staff. I left with a new set of tires and no vibrations. After being burned by sloppy work at another shop, I'll be returning here when I need another set of tires.
~Dan B., Indianapolis IN

Thanks for the prompt service today at the Glendale store. Replacing a single carry-in Michelin is not a big money-maker, but you made a customer in the neighborhood. I've been getting my work done at at local competitor, but like what I saw when I was at your store today. I'll be over later this week and get an oil change knocked out on my old Jeep.
~Dan B., Indianapolis IN

These guys are nothing short of amazing. I've been coming to this particular location for as long as I can remember for general maintenance like oil changes and new tires. They always know me when I come in, entertain my child and always have good conversation and great service to boot. I will keep coming here for as long as they are in business because as a woman, they make me still feel as though I'm in control of my decisions and have never tried to upsell be on crap for my vehicle. If you have a soul, these guys will always be the best in the business by far.
~Tracey M., Indianapolis IN

I was at your store Monday night. It was near closing time and another customer was waiting for me to finish. The gentleman behind the counter did a real good job answering all of my questions and did not rush me. I advised him I would check out your website and contact your store.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you of the experience/experiences I have encountered in the Best-One of Indy in Carmel Indiana. I have had nothing but the absolute best service and honesty coming from the employees at this location especially from Brett Bobrow. As a woman it is hard to go into a mechanic shop and truly believe you are getting treated fairly. I feel he goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of, and for that I can't thank Best-One of Indy and Brett enough for everything he and the company has done for me.

I truly hope this reaches the right person so that whomever needs to know that the service and the staff are going above and beyond for their customers!!! Thanks again for being the ONLY place I will ever take my car to for any kind of service. They say word of mouth is the very best marketing tool you can have, and I will always speak kindly of the staff and service from Carmel Best-One of Indy.

-Rachel H., Carmel IN

"I wanted to pass on my experience that I had at your Carmel store on Friday. The low tire pressure light was on in my car; I had filled the tires up with air but it wouldn’t turn off so I headed to the Best-One of Indy store. This was the second time I had visited your store in the last few months. The first time I had a screw stuck in the tire tread and they removed it. Now I had the issue with low tire pressure.

My experience was great! They got me in quick(even though it was a Friday in the middle of the morning) and resolved the issue. They made my morning a little less stressful. As I mentioned above, I was in your store earlier this summer and I had a good experience then. You guys are two for two.

-Philena M., Indianapolis IN

"I loved the service I received here last time simply when I got an oil change! So I thought I should probably start fixing up the other aspects of my car."

- Morgan A., Indianapolis IN

I want to send a HUGE thank you to the Shelby Street location employees. I got my first car two years ago and today was the first time I have had to get new tires for my own vehicle. My dad helped me pick out a set, I know nothing about tires so I brought the information in, handed it over, was told my dad picked a great set of tires, and just about an hour later I had my car back. I feel like I got a great set of tires for a great price. I have stopped in at the store other times in the last couple years for other minor fixes. Every time the guys in the shop tell me exactly what they are fixing, what that part does, and what it will cost before they fix it. I understand nothing about cars and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to explain what is going on with my vehicle in a way that I understand. I drove home today after an alignment and new set of tires well within my budget and I felt like my car was brand new on the road again. Best-One of Indy makes owning and taking care of a car seem so easy, thank you for always providing such great service both in the shop and on the sales floor. I will never take my car anywhere else for a fix or tune up!

Ashlea B., Indianapolis IN

My daughter moved to Michigan and was having car problems. Brett and the Carmel crew had worked on the car several years prior to them moving. They called him for advice and he was very helpful in telling them what could be wrong, what to accept could be wrong and what to not accept. Brett was spot on with the problem. They were very happy with Brett. The good news is the rest of the family lives still live in Indy and are loyal customers to Best-One of Indy.

Patty S., Carmel IN

Just a short note to comment on the quality of service at your Fishers location. It is awesome! This is the 3rd set of tires I have purchased from Best-One of Indy and the 2nd time at the Fishers location. I worked with Dave Deitch and he is superb at what he does. I am in sales at the Indianapolis Star and I know what good customer service is and Dave delivered GREAT customer service. I was seen at the appointed, time, treated with respect. quoted a good price, did the work in a quick manner and wrapped it up with a sincere thanks. I live in Brownsburg, but will return to this location just to see Dave. Just thought you would like to know.

Dennis P R., Brownsburg IN

We really appreciate our friends at Best-One of Indy. They make me safer.

Anita S., Carmel IN

These guys are to notch in every way! I had a flat tire at 5:30pm yesterday... By the time I realized it, I had destroyed the side wall of the tire. Never drive ANYWHERE with a flat. Best-One of Indy had done work for me in the past and I limped to a parking lot about 1/4 mile from the shop. Recently had some severe back problems and can't lift anything without causing more pain for myself.
I made a desperate call to Best-One of Indy & Auto Service at about 5:45pm hoping that they would still be open. They were still open, closing at 6:00pm. Dave Deitch, Assistant Manager, answer the phone and explain that they could not send a technician right away, but he would come personally after he locked the doors and change the tire himself. At 6:10pm, Dave arrived, called the flat tire off my Honda Accord and replaced it with the spare tire in my trunk, saving me several days worth of back pain and several hours of frustration. He even offered to take my wheel back to the shop replace my tire and call me when it was ready the next day. Best-One of Indy is the best in the business and Dave is probably one of the nicest most genuine people I've ever met. I will continue to do business with Best-One of Indy and I encourage everyone to give them a shot not only for tires but also for any auto service that you might need.
Thank you so much for taking care of me when I need to do the most and thanks to Dave for saving my back! I really appreciate it.

Stephen P., Indianapolis IN


Just purchased new wheels and tires for my Jeep here (Best-One of Indy Fishers store) and am so happy to have found them. A competitively priced shop that has great service and delivers what they promise over the phone with no hidden costs!

Zoey M., Carmel, IN

These guys (62nd Street, Glendale) are the best. Highly recommend! 5 Stars

Laura V., Indianapolis IN

I had a tire repair done at your Castleton Store today, they were very good and timely. These guys did a very good job. Have a great year,

Bert W., Indianapolis IN


Like last time you guys helped out I had to give you all another shout out on Facebook to the 1100 "friends" I have on there...

Thanks for the great work that you all do there!

Michael S

I recently had tires put on my vehicle by the Kokomo Team, and did not realize how bad my old tires were until driving on my new tires. Thank you Best-One of Indy Kokomo Store for the wonderful service. My car drives amazing now.

Kim I., Kokomo IN

I took my car in a couple of weeks ago with a leaky tire. Despite what looked like a crowded garage and a full schedule, my car was taken in and quickly serviced. I wanted to thanks the team for such quick and reliable work at a reasonable price. I will be returning for all future tire needs.
Thanks again and have a great week!

Jackie G., Indianapolis IN

Salute to Chris and the Staff at Best-One of Indy in Avon, IN. They are direct, honest and trustworthy and they know their stuff. Not only that, if they make a mistake they will correct it. I would certainly recommend them to family and/or friends. Thank you.

Rick Chaplin Martinsville, IN

Just wanted to say another Big Thank You to the guys on 62nd Street in Indianapolis. You repaired my wheel bearing and replaced my axle when I came down for the State Fair with my son and his Doberman, Jewelz. Thank you for doing such a great job and helping a person in need.

Thank you for you hospitality and letting our dog stay with us while you worked on our car. Being 3 hours from our home in northern Indiana you guys put my mind at ease in a very stressful situation. Kudos to you guys! Many Blessing to all of you! Tricia, Peyton and of course, Jewelz

Tricia C., South Bend IN

My husband has been an Best-One of Indy customer for several years, but I have always had my vehicle serviced at the dealership. Saturday I learned why he has been a repeat customer. We were heading out of town when we realized I had a balancing issue with my tires. Last week I had two nails in two of my tires…ugh! The tires were patched appropriately, however when approaching speeds above 50 miles per hour, the car shook profusely.

My husband immediately looked up “Best-One of Indy” & located the West 86th location. He called @ 1:45p.m. When he asked what time they closed, the individual said, “2:00p.m., but that didn’t matter he would take care of us!” We exited off of Michigan & arrived close to 2:00p.m., but both individuals on staff were AWESOME! They made us feel welcome and made sure all four tires were balanced & safe. Because of my experience, I will be a repeat customer…thank you!

Mindy A., Indianapolis IN

“I got a nail in my tire and the great folks at Best-One of Indy Avon patched it and had me out the door in 20 min! Awesome! Just thought I'd let you know they were fast and friendly!

Hillary M., Avon IN

It is because of staff like Brett and Jim and the others before them that I continue to use Best-One of Indy and refer my friends and family to this location. It is nice to know that when you have car problems they are always there, you can trust their knowledge and that they go out of their way to help!

Michelle F., Carmel IN

“I just wanted to reach out to express how pleased I am with Best-One of Indy. Your Glendale location has always been extremely helpful and on time when it comes to service. I’ve had a chance to interact with all levels of staff and it’s extremely refreshing to see a group of individuals as knowledgeable about their craft as the group of gentlemen staffed at the Glendale location.

I've had my Nissan 350z serviced at this location for the life of the vehicle thus far. I am recently married and brought my wife’s Ford Edge in and couldn’t be more appreciative of the service. Thank you for providing a great experience.

TJ L., Glendale IN

“Many times when a General Manager leaves the assistants to mind the store, quality of service can sometimes wane. While waiting for my oil change, I had time to watch Dennis and Nick in action. I’m happy to say that I was more than impressed and pleased with their performance. Your staff has done nothing but show the highest level in customer care and that is why I will continue to be a loyal customer and will gladly recommend your store to anyone that wants excellent auto service with a friendly, caring staff.

Pat H., Indianapolis IN

Heard On Twitter:

“Once again amazed by @IndyTireCenters. If you are not taking your car to them you’re missing out. Honest, quality work, great prices

Alan M., Fishers IN

Great service @IndyTireCenters today. Friendly and a quick patch for my flat tire. It was a great experience, the service guys even put my spare tire back making less hassle for me.”

Olivia S., Indianapolis IN

Good tire deal in Indy.”

Paige M., Indianapolis IN

Posted on Facebook:

“After having a HORRIBLE experience with a service competitor in Greenwood, we went to Best-One of Indy to get two new tires and Nick was amazing. He was not only polite; he went the extra mile and fixed my tire monitor system (he didn’t charge me) that had been on since I got the car.

Everywhere I took my car they said I would have to replace the sensor in all 3 tires and it would have been $300+ to fix. My car was already sitting outside, and they took it back in and fixed that tire problem for me. My family and I will never go anywhere else now for our tire needs. Thanks so much Nick and Best-One of Indy!”

Amber M., Greenwood IN

“The Best-One of Indy Service guys at the 86th St were amazing today. They were so nice and helpful to helping my boyfriend who had car troubles because of a certain company in the IN area. The service and having our back was great. Peter has found his mechanic in this new town!!! Thanks for everything!!!”

Lisa S., Indianapolis, IN

“I just visited your Avon store. All I have to say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! The people you have working there were amazing. I came in wanting an estimate for brakes but they would not let me leave due to the poor state of my brakes. Thank you for keeping my children and me safe!

Mindy W., Avon IN

“Kokomo Service team is AWESOME!!!!!! THANKS Greg!!!”

Kim S., Kokomo IN

"I was thoroughly impressed with the Kokomo Best-One of Indy. They went above & beyond to solve my problem. Two dealerships recommended fixes that would cost in excess of $1000; replacing way more than necessary. Greg and his team fixed only what needed to be fixed saving me $800 and took the time to explain the procedure. I couldn't be happier with the experience, the results, and the savings. Thank you!"

Clayton O., Indianapolis IN

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