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Best-One Analyzes Your SPECIFIC Fleet Requirements

Retread Tire Process Step 1

Best-One is dedicated to reducing your tire costs. Our commitment is backed by high-quality Bandag® products and support systems and our superior customer fleet services.

Another part of Best-One's commitment to reducing your tire costs is with Tire Management Technology (TMT). With the help of this program, your Premier tire professional can review every aspect of YOUR tire program.

TMT begins with a fleet survey analysis. Information obtained from the physical inspection of your fleet is combined with your specific cost data and our industry standards, compiled through years of retreading experience, and matched with fleets that operate in the same application environment as yours. Best-One calculates an estimate of potential savings in tire costs that can be achieved through our proven maintenance procedures.

By identifying YOUR specific areas of concern, your Best-One professional can work with you to establish an effective tire maintenance program to lower your fleet's overall tire costs.

Best-One Will Mine the "Hidden Gold" in Your Junk Pile

Retread Tire Process Step 2

Yep ... There is "Hidden Gold" in your old tires! The "Gold" is the information your worn tires can provide about your operational efficiency. Junked tires can be a wealth of information to a Best-One professional. We can often find clues that will help you to reduce your operating costs and achieve the lowest possible cost-per-mile for your fleet! By inspecting tires in the "Out of Service" pile, a Best-One tire professional can identify the factors that have caused the tires to be removed from service. These factors may be a symptom of an isolated problem or they may indicate a major trend. Identifying these trends can help you correct the underlying problems and reduce your tire costs.

We generate a computer analysis of data recorded while inspecting your out-of-service tires. It is meant to provide information that will assist you in making the purchasing decisions that can reduce your total system costs, and assist you in purchasing decisions.

In most cases, Best-One can recover casings other retreaders may reject, representing SIGNIFICANT savings for you.

Best-One Provides Continuing Evaluation of Your Tire Program with Our Premier Tire Tracking System

Retread Tire Process Step 3

What's next? Best-One has analyzed your fleet requirements, and your out-of-service tires. The third step in our commitment to your profitability never ends! We generate a computerized record of each and every tire that you submit for retreading. From this data we are able to do a sophisticated analysis of how well your tire program is working.

We can help you, on an on-going basis, to achieve the lowest possible cost-per-mile for your fleet. As you make changes to your tire program to increase your profitability, we can provide you with accurate feedback that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts. From this information you can further refine your program.

For example, if the tracking analysis shows an abnormal percentage of tires being rejected for bead damage, you might institute a training program for your tire technicians who mount and dismount tires. We can quantify how effective your new program was in reducing this type of damage, by showing you the exact percentage of reduction.

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